by County Mike

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Nick Lesson
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Nick Lesson Alright so Live Alone was tight but this gets even deeper into the storytelling aspect, its like a conversation but I don't need to say anything in response, just lean back and let the County tell me how shit is. Favorite track: Sometimes I Doubt My Commitment to the DIY Scene.
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Special thanks to Brian Beverly, John Mongonia, Doug Dulgarian, Ariana Miller and Kelly Ryan.

DHTH 003


released November 4, 2016



all rights reserved


County Mike Albany, New York

alt-folk from albany, ny

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Track Name: Tumblr
Remember when we'd hang with out friends every day?
Plans were hardly made, no Sunday brunch no wine wednesdays
Get off the phone, I just got Brenna's screen name
Panic at the disco was always my away
Hers was fall out boy we were one in the same
But these ain't the salad days

My mother's gotten over me
And Vic asked if you're my girlfriend
Well pop punk's cool again so I'll try that for a couple lines I guess

I feel like Mr. Brightside
It was only a kiss
Now I'm fuckin up this friendship

Cause I'm always wanting more,
So imperialistic, so infuriating
I get it now, I'm a cliche of myself

I'm a tumblr post that your 16-year-old self teblogged before you knew what it was like to fall in love

I'm not special, I ain't nothin new

If god is real I'd like to have a chat
On my crushing doubt and my crooked back
And we'll have a drink, and it'll be on him
It'll be on him
Track Name: Alone
I almost burned my house down last night
Killin everybody inside
That's the day I stopped being so anxious

Internet wasn't a lie, but I had to stop taking
Those pills that put me down for the night
I had a problem

The cigarette was totally ash when I saw it in the morning
I tried so hard to cry but I just laughed
And the ashes just sighed

Everybody thinks I'm lonely
But I only want their pity
Look at me, I'm sad, I'm broken badly
Track Name: Sometimes I Doubt My Commitment to the DIY Scene
Can I come around September?
You said "yes yes a thousand times yes"
You'd leave the key under the mat
Beaming with pride I told all my friends

And I still don't understand why you don't care like you used to
And I will never try to get you to care like you used to

I coulda been with my best friend
Yeah she don't kiss me much
But she tells me that she loves me
And I don't know if that's enough

And her friend has got a man
I wonder if she thinks about them
When she's alone and her friend is happy
I wonder if she thinks about me

I wanna spend every day with her in my periphery
Drawing a picture of whatever shit she's into that day

I wanna spend every day with her in my periphery
Drawing a picture of whatever shit she's into that day
Track Name: Libertine
I'm freakin out like Incandenza
You're pretty cute, but your friend is better
My eyes are low and my room is messy
But I'm cold love like a Christmas wedding

You were depressed for a week
When you left Albany
And it all comes together in a song you sing
And I know the words don't mean a thing

I called your phone, it goes straight to voicemail
I never knew you were cruel
But I got a friend that lets me drink on spec now
I've got hobbies that aren't you

We were just drunk libertines
But you took it slow with me
And I loved you then more than I could see
And I know it don't mean a thing

I wrote lullabies for our future children
Then you miscarried my sown seedsh
Track Name: Election
What are you doing?
It's the election
Who you picking?
Them or me?

What am I doing?
I'm not voting
This damn election has made me a priest

You're the third party of my past and nobody
They say you couldn't be worth it, I know you do not deserve this
And I'm only having sex on my phone
Cause while I do want you, I want to be alone

And I'm scared, scared of your eyes
Because they'll convince me to go out tonight

And I don't wanna leave my apartment

We can sit on your porch and we'll go to my show
And I'm playin so drunk as if I were at home
But it's just cause I'm nervous that you'll hate my songs
That you'll leave when I tell you all that I've done wrong
And my voice it is wavering, you smile and I'm shaking
Later I'll feel your leg on my hip when Doug plays
He is gutting my stomach
Swanny luv, that one does it
And I hate the mornings, but he's changing my feelings

And you sit, changing them too
I would set my alarm just to wake up with you
And you lay, perfect and blue
I would go to the booth to cast my vote for you

My vote's for you
Track Name: Quotes
Every morning I wake up with a caffeine drip that fucks my mind, but I make it to work on time
And I'm alright by 5
And every night I get lit up with a champagne beer that sets me free and a couple shots of whiskey
And I'm alright by 3

My friends are here, they're all around me
They say "hey man" and wave, but sometimes I can't see them
And that's on me

But I love them
I know they love me
And I'd ditch em right away if a little birdie walked my way, I ain't got no heart
But Dan has got a home
And I'm still chasing soul
And I never was alone
That's just a white lie that I told
To make myself feel better for feeling like shit
And I'm still not over it
And my friends have gotta stop letting me get away with it